Short-Term Residence Permit

Short-Term Residence Permit

Short term residence permit shall be regulated by Articles 31-33 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458.
Additionally, short term residence permit shall be regulated by Articles 28 and 29 of the Regulation for Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

Who May Apply To Short-Term Residence Permit?
1-Foreigners who will arrive to conduct scientific research; 

Foreigners applying for a residence permit for this purpose are required to obtain a license from relevant institutions and organizations (The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Energy, universities etc.) if the scientific research is subject to permission. If it is not subject to a permission, it is required to present a statement concerning to the research subject.

2-Foreigners who will own immovable property in Turkey; 
If foreigners who own immovable property demand residence permit, the immovable property must be house and used for this purpose. Moreover, immovable property used as house in shared or cooperated property covering family members gives residence permit application right also to the family members.

3-Foreigners who will establish business or commercial connections; 
If the foreigners demand residence permit more than three months for this purpose, invitation letter or similar documents will be requested from the persons or companies to be contacted.

4-Foreigners who will participate in on-the-job training programmes; 
The residence permit which is granted on this purpose will be issued covering the duration of training based on the documents showing the content, duration and place of training provided by the state institutions and organizations.

5-Foreigners who will arrive to attend educational or similar programmes as part of student exchange programmes or agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party;

The foreigners who will request residence permit on this purpose of staying are required to obtain documents from the relevant institutions.

Residence permit duration cannot be longer than the educational and similar purposes.

Students in the scope of exchange programs (Erasmus, Mevlana, Farabi vb.) will not be required to submit an additional health insurance as long as they are registered to the Social Security Institution (SGK), general health insurance within three months from the date of enrollment. However, they are required to take out a private health policy unless they are registered to the Social Security Institution (SGK) and fail to take advantage of being covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK) general health insurance.

6-Foreigners who wish to stay for tourism purposes; 

The statement on matters concerning travel plans (where, when and how long to stay, etc.) of the foreigners who wish to stay for tourism purpose will be taken into consideration. The documents and information may be required to submit if it is necessary.

7-Foreigners who intend to receive medical treatment, provided that they do not have a disease posing a public health threat; 
Foreigners coming in order to receive treatment must be admitted to public or private hospitals. Valid health insurance condition is not required for foreigners who certify that treatment expenses are paid.

Residence permit will be issued pursuant to duration of treatment. 

Foreigners whose expenses of accommodation, subsistence and health are covered by public institutions and agencies during treatment, will not be required to submit determination of financial possibility and health insurance.

Documents and information regarding treatment might be required from related public institutions and agencies if it is necessary.

The residence permit procedures of care takers of the foreigners under the scope of existing “Health Cooperation Agreements” (unless there is an additional general provision regarding care takers) are carried out based on general provisions.

Furthermore, valid health insurance is not required for residence permit applications of care takers of the foreigners not exceeding two persons, according to the additional Article 14 of Health Services Fundamental Law No 3359.

8-Foreigners who are required to stay in Turkey pursuant to a request or a decision of judicial or administrative authorities; 
The duration of the residence permit for this purpose is issued by taking into consideration duration stated on the decision and demand.

9-Foreigners who transfer from a family residence permit;

10-Foreigners who will attend a Turkish language course; 

Residence permit can be issued maximum twice for this purpose to the foreigners who enroll to institution authorized to provide language course (must have permission by Ministry of National Education) in Turkish.

If the period of the course is less than a year residence permit duration cannot be longer than the period of the course.

The institution providing the course is responsible with reporting the commencement and attendance of the foreigners registered to the Turkish course to the Provincial Directorate.

11-Foreigners who will attend an education programme, research, internship or, a course by way of a public agency; 

The residence permit duration cannot be longer than a year for this purpose. The valid health insurance and determination of financial possibility are not required from the foreigners whose expenses of accommodation, subsistence and health are covered by public institutions. Documents and information might be required from the relevant institutions.

12-Foreigners who will apply within six months upon graduation from a higher education programme in Turkey; 
If the foreigners apply within six months upon graduation for this purpose, the residence permit is issued only once. It can be issued maximum for one year

13-Foreigners who do not work in Turkey but will make an investment within the scope and amount that shall be determined by the Council of Ministers, and their foreign spouses, his and her foreign minor children or foreign dependent children;

The residence permit based on this purpose is issued five years at most.

The purpose of the changes which International Labour Law numbered 6735 generated in the Law numbered 6458 is to promote the foreigners who will contribute to the national economy and to provide convenience to them on residence permit processes.

14-Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus;

The residence permit based on this purpose is issued for five-year period at most.

For How Long Can The Short Residence Permit Be Issued?

Short-term residence permit is issued maximum for a two-year period each time except the foreigners mentioned in 13th and 14th items above.

What Are The Conditions For Short-Term Residence Permit?

The foreigner are required to fulfill the conditions stipulated in Article 32 of the Law No. 6458 to have short-term residence permit.

– To submit supporting information and documents regarding the reason of stay in Turkey,
– Not to fall within the scope of Article 7 of the relevant law,
– To live in accommodation conditions that conform to general health and safety standards,
– Upon request, to present criminal record certificate issued by the competent authorities in their country of citizenship or legal residence,
– To submit information on their address of stay in Turkey.

What Are The Reasons Of Refusal, Non-Renewal Or Cancelation Of Short-Term Residence Permit?

Under the following cases a short-term residence permit shall not be granted, shall be cancelled if has been issued, and shall not be renewed when:
– one or more of the conditions provided for short-term residence permit are not met or no longer apply,
– it is established that the residence permit is used outside the purposes of those it is issued for,
– there is a current removal decision or an entry ban to Turkey in respect to the foreigner,
– upon violation regarding the period which is lived outside of Turkey